About Us

Overview of the ProWise Group and its Subsidiaries

The ProWise Group is an amalgamation of various companies, each covering different business areas.

ProWise Engineering Inc (PWEI), established in 2008, offers engineering consultation services. ProWise Land Development, another part of the ProWise Group, ensures that a client's project is executed as per the design and built as intended.

Prowise Construction is another entity under the group, providing construction administration services. To cater to those who wish to excel in their professional career development, the ProWise Institute of Technology (PWIT) was established as an educational institution.

Prowise USA Inc. collaborates with our engineering partner to deliver engineering services within the United States.

Recently, Prowise Group is thrilled to announce the integration of Team Associates Limited (Team) into its fold. This development brings together the specialized structural and mechanical engineering prowess of Team, renowned within the automotive industry, with the comprehensive multi-disciplinary engineering services of Prowise Group. The move promises to deliver unparalleled engineering solutions across a wide range of disciplines.